Your life, your signature…


“Despite overall similarities, each nest identifies it’s maker as surely as an artist’s signature”
Maryjo Koch

 Mommy… Did you know that your nest bears your signature?
When you stand back, what do you see?
I remember the days when my children were small.
My girlfriend would come over with her little battalion of boys
and I would make a pile of french toast.

The children would dress up and run barefoot in the grass.
They would make mud balls in the puddles.
There was laughter.
It wasn’t always neat, but it was always pretty.
It wasn’t expensive, but it was enough.
My nest was full of life.

What does your nest say about your life?
Is there music?
Does a candle flicker, adding a glow to your kitchen?
Have you taken your little one out to plant a seed?
Is there laughter?
Do you have time to drink it in?
Do you find yourself crying tears that flow from a pool of gratitude and love?

Who cares if it gets a little messy, just make sure it’s pretty.
Blanket forts are pretty.
Children in footy pajamas, surrounded by piles of books —
That’s pretty.
The mess of life —
That’s neat.

Or is the place in front of the television,
or the iPad in the lap,
or the phone in the hand — is that stuff of your day?
They will remember
and may become too dull to care.
Don’t allow entertainment to smother the life and creativity out of your children.

Take your little one out to watch the hopping robins tug worms out of the soft ground.
Take them out to pick daffodils and teach them to rub the soft petals on their cheeks.
Help them find the tiny buds that line the branches of spring.
Light a candle and use the fancy tea cups.
Write your signature with flare.
Today won’t come again.


Maryjo Koch, Bird Egg Feather Nest,
via Meditations for Mothers, Elisa Morgan
Photo credit: Julie Falk 

8 thoughts on “Your life, your signature…

  1. I am so glad that you taught ours to rub the soft petals on their cheek…it has made them who they are today. I have such valued memories of coming home to a beautiful nest amidst what the world would call a mess…you have kept a beautiful nest…

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  2. Catherine, it took me too many years to figure out that it was okay to have a “messy, pretty” house. I will be forever grateful for the years I home-schooled mine. We were outdoors together daily – collecting leaves for science projects, reading in the shade, or riding bicycles on breaks. No iPhones or iPads. Not even Internet. We are just now able to get wi-fi where we live.

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    • That’s so awesome… isn’t it amazing that we now say that it was a gift that our children were able to spend their childhoods outside exploring and developing an appreciation for nature? Isn’t it strange that many children don’t know how to do that anymore? That frightens me. Sounds like we have lots in common. 🙂

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