About me

Welcome to Eden Stream! Thank you so much for stopping in for a visit.

I’m Catherine Whittier- a bit of a writer, something of an artist, a lover of beautiful things- tangible and intangible. We all know that beautiful things aren’t always things and beautiful things often don’t appear to be beautiful.

I write from a deep place in my heart and imagination. Like many of you, I am seeking the quiet that will allow me to hear and experience truth. 

I have a kind and faithful husband who has rough hands and mud on his shoes. We have a son and a daughter who are here – but largely live their own lives and are busy making their own way. We live on a little lake in the woods of Indiana. This is a wonderful place to experience the rhythm of the seasons.

 Like a stream, life is full of movement and change-
jagged edges and rough places,
smooth falls and peaceful places.
If we follow the stream back to it’s source, we find the God who created it all. 

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Thank you to Bernard Languillier for the use of his photo for my blog header.
Thank you, also, to David Kanigan who’s wonderful blog has served as a model and an inspiration to me on many levels.


Copyright information:
I have done my best to provide attributions for the things I post which are not my own. I  truly desire to respect the artistry of others- if I have missed something- please let me know.