Happy Mother’s Day, to my beautiful daughter



Been thinking about you a lot and wondering if you feel qualified to celebrate this day- since baby boy is not yet wrapped in your arms, and you haven’t experienced the horrors a single, messy diaper. Well, I’m here to tell you — yes! You are fully mother and fully licensed to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

You are already making the sacrifices that motherhood implies, by giving over, allowing, and spending your body for the life of your child. True to who you are, you are doing that with excellence, and once more, finding you must go beyond the adjustments and adaptations of most, by seeking additional counsel and medical care, while making modifications to daily routines in order to manage living with diabetes while growing a child.

You are doing the thinking, planning and prep that I would expect from a top notch administrator, boss mom, and rock star wife, independent woman, and daughter of the King. You are growing to love your baby boy each day- unsure of what you will face when you hold him in your arms. Welcome to motherhood- full of wonder and dichotomy.

In each stage of your life- I continue to marvel as I think of who you are. I admire your desire to do your best in every realm, and am so thankful to be your mother and the recipient of your kind and thoughtful love.

I remember those first few days of your life, how I breathed promises, as I tenderly kissed your head. I thank God for the day your were born, for every day that I have been your mother since. I thank God for the mother-life you now lead, and for the baby growing inside you.

Welcome to Motherhood darling- I promise- it’s full of riches, crazy good and rich, bittersweet and hard and worth every second.

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, to my beautiful daughter

  1. Thank you for sharing so tenderly and well. As I tiptoe into the foreign chapter of “mom of adult sons,” I often find that deep new affections bubble up for my four. I’m nearly giddy as I watch the unfolding of who they’ve become. Reading this tonight, I’m inspired by how you pour out affirmation and celebration for who your Taylor is, continuing to be a mom that speaks truth and life over her. Thanks for setting some steps out for me to follow, Catherine. I admire you more than you know and thank God for the words here that show your heart.

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  2. Thank you for sharing so tenderly and so well, Catherine. As I tiptoe into the new realm of “mom of adult sons” more levels of affection bubble up for my four. When I slow down to really watch and pay attention, I can almost feel giddy as who they’ve become unfolds before my eyes. And tonight as I read your message of love for your Taylor, I’m inspired to keep mothering well. Thanks for modeling some steps for this strange new path as you affirm and celebrate who she is with strong words of truth. I admire you more than you know, my friend- both as a woman and a fellow mom. Happy Mother’s Day, to you and to Taylor !


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